Convey Services is a program that connects vendors directly to the sales partners of master agents through a unique connected content portal program. Master Agents have Convey portals and invite vendors to maintain an online catalog where vendors add promotions, spiffs, product literature, training and webinar events. Vendors manage their online catalog in a centralized hub site, Convey Channel, and duplicate content across many master agent portals.

Convey is a subscription service for vendors with annual pricing based on the group of master agents that a vendor wants to subscribe to.

Individual Sites

If a vendor is regional or local and only wants to subscribe to a single site, Convey offers single site subscription programs. Vendors can always upgrade to a more comprehensive program if their partner program expands.

Alliance Engage

The Alliance Partners, formerly the Agent Alliance, has a global agreement with Convey to provide portals for all of their members. Currently 11 Alliance master agents have portals. To participate in Alliance Engage, a vendor must hold at least one contract with an Alliance Master Agent. Their content catalog would then be added to sites where they hold a direct contract and may be added to other site that sell their services through another Alliance Master Agent.

The entire membership logs into the Alliance Knowledgebase, a Convey portal, to view vendor catalogs and track their contracts with those vendors.

TSX Members

TSX is a member organization for 6 regional master agents. To participate in this program, a vendor must hold a contract with at least one of the master agents. The vendor catalog would automatically be added to all 6 Convey master agent portals.

Vendor Match

A large group of independent master agents, not belonging to a member organization, belong to the Vendor Match program. Vendors will be added to all master agent Convey portals if they hold a direct contract with that master agent and may be requested to appear on other master agent sites.