Advertise & Promote

Convey offers a variety of options to promote your company from the home page of a master agent site, driving traffic into your catalog. Explore the options below and click to read the site traffic infographic from the first half of 2016. View the Infographic

Feature Box

The feature box is one of three prominent boxes on the home page. Add a video or graphic and hyperlink the user to your catalog.


Banners scroll across the home page of the website to alert the viewer to promotions, events, or other highlights. Check back for a new automated banner program in August 2016!

Sponsored Ads

These ads appear on the left side of the home page. They contain a headline, image, text and a hyperlink.

Email Ads

Most sites send weekly emails to all site members to link them back to the promotions, events, or new content on the master agent site. Add an advertisement in the weekly email.

View sample email